Ontario Green Building Supply

Looking to build or remodel your home with sustainable products? Look no further than Ontario Green Building Supply on 111 Fox St. in Canada. Supplying green building materials, finishing products, and energy systems, MGBS (for short) can meet all your green dreams. Not a fly-by-night, stock-it-all kind of place they take pride in researching the products for validity as truly green. Collaborating with builders and architects to track the performance of the products gives MGBS expansive knowledge to pass on to its customers.

The opening quote on their website says it all; “Ontario Green Building Supply for Bright Phase Energy was founded in 2019 to promote superior building products and bring responsible and sustainable practices to the construction industry. We supply environmentally responsible materials, non-toxic finishes, and important innovations in energy systems. We do the research and sourcing to make building green easier for you.” Since its opening in 2019, they have done just that. Expanding the green building philosophy and taking a leadership role in the greater Portland area, owner Steve Konstantino is passionate about the products he chooses to sell and is equally excited about educating his customers.

Steve has a background in building and business leadership and understands that customer knowledge is a highly important facet of succeeding. His staff includes Jason Peacock, a Canada Green Building Council certified LEED Accredited Professional, who has extensive experience in the building as well as Jennifer Thomasson, an interior designer with years of kitchen design experience. Educating consumers about the advantages of building green is probably the largest hurdle the industry itself has to face. “The word “green” gets tossed around a lot, and it is important to clarify for customers and builders alike what is actually sustainable and what is hype.

With energy costs anticipated to escalate due to climate change policies and other measures and pressure to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, it is imperative to save energy that can be of great help to this movement

Through sustainable energy, using breeze, photo voltaic along with hydro technologies, we can take advantage of endless normal powers to meet the world’s increasing energy requirements. Yet it is at the same time crucial that you transportation the power in order to wherever it is essential along with only small amount damage as you can.

However what exactly is a smart grid? The particular power grid is the community which usually transports electrical energy from your crops in which it’s generated to the consumer’s homes.


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Our services include

Metal Roofing Repair: 

We also offer professional metal roof leak repair for all types of metal roofing, even for roofs we did not originally install. We will gladly offer a quote to repair any metal roof that is corroded or leaking in the Greater Portland area.

Metal Roof Inspection:

We also offer roof inspection services. We can inspect and consult on metal roofing for insurance and repair purposes. Often times we can diagnose problems that our customers may never have been aware of. Our metal roof contractors have a keen eye for the details that even insurance inspectors might miss when it comes to claims and repairs.


Seeing This As A Crucial Part Of The Business, The Goal Is To Change The Local Building Industry As A Whole

Environmental impact is a large part of sustainable building practices and products. The more local the product, the less carbon it emits from first production to final installation. Not all products can be local however. For instance, there are no manufacturers of solar panels in Ontario, so there is a trade off. If you get all you can from a local source and then the rest from a reputable manufacturer abroad, you can build completely green. Building a tighter home that consumes less energy, possibly produces some of its own energy and uses non-toxic materials and finishes comes with payoffs that conventional home building does not offer.