About Bright Phase Energy

We would like to introduce to you  Bright Phase Energy Canada. Green cleaning company that is changing an old industry one client at a time.

Support for All Business

Energy conservation should remain among the top priorities of every single person whether at home, work or any other place

Our Mission

Consumerism and sustainability are seldom used in the same sentence, but this is what Destiny Canada is all about

Located in Ontario, Canada, this structure is the largest LEED Gold certified mall in the world. As a part of their drive toward eco-friendly lifestyles, the mall requires tenants to receive a LEED certification. Their commitment to energy efficiency and conservation pay off. The roof of the expansion has a system in place to collect rainwater that will be used to flush common areas and tenant toilets. Also, there are retention ponds located in the parking lots on Solar Street to hold excess water and replenish the ground. In times of severe storms the roof collection system and water retention ponds will hold rainwater and reduce the volume of water sent to the city waste treatment facility

Areas of Expertise

Green Buildings

Seeing This As A Crucial Part Of The Business, The Goal Is To Change The Local Building Industry As A Whole.

Saving Energy

Finding solutions to the world’s energy crisis is somehow demands the exact same solutions as to the ways of effectively reducing your household energy consumption and cost.

Green Construction

You can decrease your home’s energy consumption by increasing the insulation in your home. This will in turn lead to a smaller carbon footprint and smaller energy bill.

Metal Roofing

The metal roof system has many advantages that can be helpful to people to solve their roofing problems. Here you can read about some of them